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Four Alternative Uses For a Flat Sheet

Posted by Vivian McCormick on

Are you #teamflatsheet or #teamfreethebed? What appears to be a fairly innocent question actually sparks some passionate feelings, even at Wilet HQ. I’ve been flat-sheet-free for years, while Anna and Oana believe optimal adulting can’t be achieved without using a flat sheet (also known as a top sheet). Our Sheet Sets include a flat sheet, so I can always add in that layer between me and my duvet cover. But until then, may I present four alternative things to do with your flat sheet:

1. Blanket for Picnics and the Beach

    What’s more instagrammable than a delectable spread of snacks and beverages, all laid out on a beautiful linen blanket? You can relax all day and into the evening (hello, Golden Hour selfies) on your linen flat sheet. The best part is you won’t get all sweaty sitting on breezy, breathable linen, and you can curl up in it after the sun goes down. #doitforthegrams

    Picnic on linen blanket

    2. Tablecloth

    We are all about multiple use items for the home, because really who has enough storage space? Use your flat sheet as a dining tablecloth and no one will even know it was originally made to go on your bed.

    linen tablecloth

    3. Christmas Tree Skirt

    Last Christmas, I went down the internet rabbit hole trying to find the perfect rustic-looking tree skirt. When the lightbulb finally went on to use my flat sheet, not only did I avoid buying something that I would use once a year, I also felt like I was channeling Martha Stewart. Win-win all around if you ask me. Just wrap it around the base of your tree like a loose scarf and voilà!

    linen tree skirt

    4. Indoor Fort-Making Material for the Kids!

    Rainy day and the kids are bored? Use your flat sheet to make a cozy living room fort! Books and movies are best consumed in one of these.

    linen sheets fort

    The age-old topic of 'To sleep, or not to sleep, with a flat sheet' wears on at Wilet HQ. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the great bedding debate - comment below!

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