Behind the Collab: The Wilet x Homecoming Candle

Behind the Collab: The Wilet x Homecoming Candle

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Homecoming’s products are intended to fit perfectly into any space, serving as a gentle reminder that there really is no place like home. Based on a shared love of savouring life’s slower moments, working with Homecoming to introduce our first-ever candle just makes sense.


In building businesses, we are fortunate to meet other wonderful founders doing the same and, in turn, have a community to lean on. Having known the founder of Homecoming, Suraiya Nanji, we were introduced to their candles long before we started Wilet.


Candles being poured


Why did we partner with Homecoming?

Both brands share a vision of elevating and relishing in the places we call home, always encouraging the slower moments to be savoured. The challenge ahead of us was encapsulating that vision in a smell. Luckily, Canadian candle company Homecoming are experts at just that.


Homecoming storefront


What does this candle smell like?

We stopped by their Vancouver studio, where they develop and hand pour every one of their candles. There, we explored many different scent blends until we found one that screamed rest (in a quiet and calming way, of course).


Refreshing top notes of pomelo and citrus are melded with a heart of crisp cardamom and delicate botanicals, resulting in a soft, refreshing candle, and as cool as freshly pressed linen. Bolstered by a rich base of sultry sandalwood, amber, and sweet vanilla-tinged balsam tree, this candle promotes restfulness from unlikely places, including stress-reducing vetiver and lavender essential oils and grounding Canadian cedarwood.



How do you take care of this candle?


1. Don’t burn for too long. Try to burn in 1-and-a-half to 2-hour intervals (or until the entire surface of the candle melts to avoid tunnelling).

2. Trim the wick to 1/4-inch before lighting to avoid unnecessary smoke and control the size of the flame.

3. Watch out for soot. If soot forms inside the candle vessel, extinguish the flame, wait for it to cool, then wipe the vessel clean with a damp cloth. Trim the wick before relighting.

4. Don’t burn to the bottom. The flame and wick need a good base of wax to avoid overheating. If there’s only 1/4-inch of wax remaining, it’s time to reuse, recycle or retire it.

5. Store in a cool dry area. Avoid direct sunlight to preserve candle quality.

6. Be careful with your candle! Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never leave a lit candle unattended, and keep it on a stable, heat-resistant surface away from drafts, open windows and direct sunlight.


Why did we make this?

Offering a locally made candle to our customers to use as a part of their slow down rituals is something that we’re so excited about and partnering with Homecoming was the natural choice for this. The vessel marked with ‘Rest In Progress’ nods to our intention that rest looks different to everyone. We hope you will love the Wilet x Homecoming Candle as much as we do.


When it comes to crafting your perfect rest environment, feel is just as important as smell. Linen bedding can help you get better overall rest.

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