Holiday Gift Guide: Oana's New Parent Presents

Holiday Gift Guide: Oana's New Parent Presents

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There's a fresh face at the table this year! There's nothing quite as sweet as celebrating a new baby's first holidays. From the softest swaddles to bedtime books, family and friends love to shower the little one with all the best. But what about the new parent? Oana Papuc, Wilet co-founder, has you covered with a few ideas to infuse a new parent's holidays with a little extra love.

Wine Vikings Subscription

"I mean, it's wine. New parents need wine! A wine subscription is a great option for friends or family who appreciate a good vino. They likely don't have much time to pop out, so bring the bottle to them."

Brood Care Online Courses

"It's not always easy to take care of yourself when you're focused on an infant. These flexible online course are easy to do from home, in the few moments during nap time, and cover all sorts of postpartum topics. From mental health to feeding tips, it offers evidence-based, simple approaches to things new parents face every day."

The Sheet Set

"A bedding refresh is a little touch of luxury new parents will appreciate. And it will help ensure they're getting the best sleep possible."


"Don't hesitate to offer a date-flexible getaway! Whether it's a hotel gift certificate for an overnight close by, a spa day, or a relaxing massage—sometimes that quiet, non-baby time can help recharge and restore."

Freshprep Meals

"Restaurants and reservations aren't always easy to navigate around new sleep and feeding schedules. Easy, fresh meal prep delivered right to their doorstep is a great way to give new parents tasty options without any of the demands of grocery shopping."

Ghost Roast Coffee Beans

"No explanation needed! This tiny local roaster even delivers right to your door."

The Crib Sheet

"Okay, so I know we're talking gifts for parents...but linen is amazing for littles, as well. When they sleep well, you sleep well."

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