Holiday Gift Guide: Vivian's Startup Founder Finds

Holiday Gift Guide: Vivian's Startup Founder Finds

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The holidays are a stressful time for founders! Their businesses are seeing the biggest sales and customer demands of the year. Whether you're supporting your cousin through the startup life or shining some light on the best boss ever, founders and business owners could use a little extra love during Q4. Wilet co-founder, Vivian McCormick, has all the sweetest finds to support the business baddie in your life. 

Go Far Fleece 2.0

"Small business owners wear many hats and daily activities can range from Zoom calls to packing orders. The Go Far Fleece from Alder Apparel provides a cozy layer for all the things the day will bring."

Slope Personal Desktop Whiteboard

"I use this erasable board every day for my ongoing to-do lists and scribbling notes during calls. It fits perfectly between my keyboard and monitor and saves paper!"

A La Ligne Membership

"Prioritizing movement is a constant challenge for me as a startup founder, yet it is so fundamental to maintaining both my physical and mental health. The gift of movement would be impactful, as I also know this could be something a founder could be reluctant to spend on for themselves."

Linen Euro Shams

"This year, I discovered the beauty of the Euro pillow and its utility as a great support for reading (or scrolling) in bed. And they just make my bed look grown up!"

The Ocean Backpack

"Storage-friendly and stylish bags are staple for packed schedules and being on-the-go. I rediscovered backpacks when I left the corporate world and you can't beat the handsfree convenience."

Sena Reading Glasses

"I spend a lot of time looking at screens (as many of us do) and I've found these blue light glasses do help reduce eye strain and fatigue."

The Heirloom Quilt

"Startup founders need sleep, plain and simple. The Heirloom Quilt is perfect for layering (on top of more linen bedding, of course) or on its own if you're a warm sleeper."

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