Julie Sheldon: #LadyBusiness

Julie Sheldon: #LadyBusiness

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Wilet is thrilled to have Julie Sheldon,  Freelance Digital/Social Media/Content Strategist extraordinaire and one of the best Toronto based acquisitions Vancouver has made in a long time, as our first member of #LadyBusiness to weigh in on what having the support of great women means to her

Viv, Anna and Oana had this great idea to bring a bunch of business women together to have a delicious meal. What they didn’t realize upon sending that initial email, was that they were starting something bigger than just a girls' night out. They were bringing together a group of women who all had something in common: the authentic desire to support and celebrate other women in business. After that initial dinner, and the creation of an official hashtag (obviously), Lady Business was born.

If Lady Business was a Tinder account, here are the top 5 reasons why I would swipe right on us:

  1. We’re fun people. Like, to our core fun. We laugh, we’re friendly and you could totally bring us home to meet your parents.
  2. We support each other. Whether we’re providing our expertise or lending an ear, we’ve got your back.
  3. We’re into trying new things. We had an Indigo Party! What?! I know! I didn’t know what that was either, but man was it fun. AND I got a cool new scarf out of it #winning.
  4. We’re diverse. We all come from different backgrounds, cities and occupations, so no boring conversations are had in this group!
  5. Our get togethers ALWAYS include food and drinks. Just like a big family (minus the weird family member that no one knows how they keep getting invited), our conversations are had over delicious food and tasty beverages. I mean, what else could you possibly need – other than a nap – in which case, you could go home to your Flax Sleep sheets!!! Full circle friends.

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