Market Radishes & French Butter

Market Radishes & French Butter

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This recipe is provided by Jackie Kai Ellis - the pastry chef, author, designer, and entrepreneur who we joined forces with to create our Cuisine Collection in 2020. For those who have always been unsure about where to start with a radish, this dish is an easy (and delicious) introductory option.

Like all the best things, it’s deceptively simple. Since there’s nothing to hide behind, this dish's beauty is in the quality of the ingredients. The radishes need to be sweet and in season, the salt should taste of the sea, and the butter needs to be rich and flavourful.



  • Fresh radishes
  • Good butter
  • Fleur de sel, Maldon salt or something similar


Clean radishes with their tops. You can leave them whole, but for the larger ones, Jackie likes to cut them in half. Serve with a generous dish of butter sprinkled with salt. Some serve the radishes on a bed of crushed ice. The tops also can be eaten but the larger ones can also be pulled off to make a radish top pesto or added to a salad.


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