Sharday Engel: Our Daily Rituals

Sharday Engel: Our Daily Rituals

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The latest installment of #ourwiletrituals features working mama and side hustler extraordinaire, Sharday Engel.  Below, Sharday shares with us some tips for how she does it all.   The amazing photos of her and her daughter Lily (aka Wilet Super Fan) feature the linen bedding in Pebble and adorable pj's from Vancouver company Bambi & Birdie


Sharday Engel

Current occupation:

Full-time working mama with a blog as a side hustle. 

Where are you from, originally?

Melbourne, Australia

Where do you live now?

Vancouver, Canada

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family (kids, partners, pets etc.):

I'm a full-time working mama who also writes for my self-titled style/motherhood website as a side hustle. I live with my amazing husband Avner, crazy/cute/independent  3-year-old daughter Lily. I'm also pregnant with baby #2 due end of the year.

When do you usually wake up in the morning? Do you use an alarm clock?

I'm not a morning person - but I wake shortly after 6am on weekdays, 7am on weekends (yep it's called parenthood). Alarm clock on weekdays, toddler alarm on weekends.

Tell us a little bit about your morning routine (and what, if anything, makes getting up easier). Do you have a specific product/ritual that helps you get up and face the day?

Coffee is mandatory. I like to wake up a little earlier than my daughter so I have time to wash my face, get dressed, have some breakfast etc before the craziness of the day kicks in.

Do you have any important rituals you practice throughout your day (exercise, meditation, self-care)?

Exercise 2 times weekly. Sunday evenings are my favourite to get ready for the week ahead. Water the plants, call my grandma in Australia, have a home cooked family meal and later throw on a face mask before bed.

Naps. Tell us about them. We love them, but can barely squeeze them in our busy schedules (and sincerely regret every nap we passed up as children). Do you ever nap?

Oh I nap. Because I work full-time, it's usually a weekend thing, which makes it all the more special. My first trimester with baby #2 completely knocked me out, all I wanted to do is nap!

What time do you usually go to bed?

Around midnight, I'm a bit of a night owl.

Tell us a little bit about your evening routine. Do you have a specific product/ritual that gets you ready for a good night sleep?

Once Lily goes down (around 8pm) I'm instantly in chill mode. Whether that be hanging with the hubby or bingeing on our favourite shows in bed. We've lived without a TV in the living room for about 6 years now, so all of our TV/movie consumption happens in our comfy, cozy bed.

How much sleep do you usually get a night/how much importance do you place on sleep?

About 6 hours, which I know is definitely not enough. Sleep is important but there are always too many things to do in a day that I'll have to compromise with only 6 hours!

Do you have a favourite bedtime story from childhood (or story you read to your children, if you have them, at bedtime)?

One of my favourite books I grew up with and read to Lily almost every night is the Australian classic - Possum Magic. It's 80s style pastel colours, sweet story & adorable illustrations of Australian animals makes it one of my most cherished books.

Have you slept in linen bedding? 

Yes! It's heavenly! Wilet’s bedding set is the first set of linen that I've ever slept on. At first, the linen seems a little stiff or textured but night after night, it just keeps getting softer & softer! I'm looking forward to how cozy our bed is going to be in winter!

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