Roundup: The Best Products for Sleeping While Pregnant

Roundup: The Best Products for Sleeping While Pregnant

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In the months leading up to the birth of my second daughter, something odd happened. I had been a champion sleeper my entire life - I could fall asleep anytime, anywhere, after any amount of daily ingested caffeine. This pregnancy though, threw a serious sleep curveball my way and I found myself with an extreme form for pregnancy-related insomnia. I woke up at 2 am, night after night for months, and could not get back to sleep no matter what I tried (and trust me, I tried it all - warm baths, meditation, breath work, sheep counting - you name it, I tried it). This is an especially cruel joke for the universe to be playing on a pregnant lady who is presumably gearing up for hundreds of upcoming sleepless nights tending to an infant. 

Now, as some of you may know, sleeping while pregnant is a feat onto itself, without the added burden of actual insomnia. The ever changing dimensions of a pregnant body require an assortment of pillows, just the right amount of temperature control and breathability, and unrestrictive sleep-wear (because ain't nobody got time for waistbands anymore).

If you are currently pregnant and struggling with sleep, or feel like buying a nice present for a pregnant friend/sister/colleague, we have rounded up the best products for sleeping while pregnant below. You'll want to read this, especially since the actual sleepless nights are going to be arriving in full force once your baby makes his/her entrance. 

Body Pillow

At some point in your pregnancy, you may want to get rid of the fourteen pillows you have been propping yourself up with and replace them with one of these. Not only is it super comfortable, it also comes in many configurations (double sided support, candy cane style etc.) to suit all body and bump types. As a bonus, it can be used post-pregnancy for nursing support, back support, and general lounging. Sure, it creates a literal wall between you and your partner in bed which is not ideal, but unless said partner is ok with being used as a body pillow for a few months, this is your best bet for a comfortable sleep. 

Wedge Pillow

For when you just need a little support under that belly, this wedge pillow works miracles. 

Sleep Shirt

Ok, so regular pjs with their incessant insistence on waistbands, draw strings and what will feel like a thousand seams are out (no matter how comfortable they may have been before your pregnancy). This sleep shirt  is both breezy (because #linenisbetter), and its button down design makes it perfect for middle of the night nursing sessions once your baby arrives. Wins all around.

Sleep Bra

I know, who sleeps with a bra on, right? Bad news - you do now. As your belly gets bigger, so do your breasts, and for some of us that means some additional support is needed, even at night. If you're in this boat, opt for something super soft that you can pull on easily (no hook and eye closures, thank you very much). 

Eye Mask

You need this. Because your sleep can't suffer on account of the light emitted from your partner's iPad while he/she watches the latest episode of GoT in bed. 

There are of course a thousand good options out there, but we like this one because it doesn't crush our eyelashes while we sleep (#girlproblems). 

Ear Plugs

While sleeping with ear plugs in takes some getting used to, we find these ones to be the most comfortable ones out there. These make a huge difference if you happen to live in urban areas where you are bound to be woken up in the middle of the night by passing ambulances, fire trucks etc. 

White Noise 

The right kind of white noise can help deepen your sleep and result in you waking up more rested. That being said, the wrong kind of white noise (i.e. those incessant 4-second loops of bird calls or ocean sounds) can ensure you wake up with a terrible headache. The good news is, most baby sleep experts will tell you that your child's sleep will also be great improved by white noise, so investing in the right machine is worth it. We love (and have used) this one for years.

Saje's "Sleep Well" Essential Oil Blend

This soothing blend of essential oils is designed to help the body relax, slow down and lull itself into a deep and restful sleep. We are particularly fond of bringing this blend with us while travelling, and using it to make strange hotel beds feel more like home.   

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