Flax Home waffle linen Bath Sheet in the colour Mint draped over a bath tub.

Self Care Tips to Stop Scroll Stress

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Lilian Bailey is a full-time business management student, she works in the food service industry and is turning a passion into a profession with content creation. Juggling a demanding schedule can take a toll, so she's come up with three simple self care tips to help stimulate a healthy mind, boost her mood and help her disconnect from the negative side effects of social media.

"Be kind to yourself and take care of your mental health. Nowadays it seems so normal to judge ourselves and pick ourselves apart, especially with social media. Taking time for yourself is the best source of happiness sometimes."

Flax Home waffle linen Bath Sheet in the colour Mint.

Step 1: Soak

"Something that always helps me relax is a calming bath. After a long day or a stressful week, nothing feels better than having a night simply dedicated to yourself. I like to incorporate a full self care routine with a face mask, under-eye patches, hair mask, sometimes even a little at-home pedicure.

With this spa night, I also enjoy stepping away from my phone to just be by myself. Being alone with your thoughts allows you to check in with yourself and recharge for the week ahead. My absolute favourite hair mask is the Olaplex No. 3, and I recently have been loving the Summer Fridays Overtime Exfoliating Face Mask! Then Wilet’s waffle linen Bath Sheets are waiting for me when I step out."

Girl wearing Flax Home waffle linen Bath Sheets in the colour Mint.

Step 2: Be Kind, Repeat

"Daily affirmations have changed the way I see myself. It’s so strange to think that it has become more normalized to receive compliments from strangers than those from yourself. Affirmations have taught me that you are the only validation that you need. Sometimes, we look in the mirror and think of all the things we don’t like. Instead, take some time to literally look in the mirror and say, out loud, the things you do like about yourself. Compliment, encourage, motivate yourself every single day. This is something that has truly helped transform my self confidence."

Flax Home waffle linen Bath Sheet with journal in the colour Mint.

Step 3: Write About It

"Journaling is such a beautiful escape. My journal is somewhere I can go to talk about anything I want without fear of judgement or shame. I personally don't enjoy sharing my emotions and, if you can relate to that at all, journaling can become your best friend.

Hot tip: I find it helpful to search online for new journal prompts when I am unsure of what to write about. It's a healthy way to express feelings and emotions rather than shoving them under the rug and letting it pile up. It is a safe space to write about what you feel, how you feel and why you’re feeling that way.

Currently, I have two journals: The Five-Minute Journal and a blank journal. The first is a quick-and-simple way of getting into the headspace. As the name states, it only takes about five minutes to complete your morning and night time entry. My blank journal is where I can really get in touch with myself and explore my emotions. Sometimes writing things down is the best way to let it out!"

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