How to keep your linens NEAT

How to keep your linens NEAT

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Over the last several months, you've probably noticed certain areas in your home are crying out for order and organization. Where you keep and how you store your linens might not be top of mind when it comes to getting organized. Why? Because they're often tucked away behind closed doors - not in a space that you're necessarily going in and out of on a daily basis (think: your bedroom closet, your kitchen, or your bathroom). However, that doesn't mean your linen storage can't benefit from a little reset this fall.

We turned to Jen Rowe, a professional organizer and Owner of NEAT Method in Toronto to share some tips for transforming your linen closet from chaos to composed.

words by Jen Rowe & photo by Neat Method

 1. Empty and Edit

Begin by taking everything out of your linen closet or cupboard. As you do this, edit out items that are worn or no longer align with your decor and style. This will allow you to get a better idea of just how much you have and if there are any gaps you need to fill by purchasing new items.

 2. Categorize and Space Plan

Next, sort everything you're keeping into categories so that similar items are together. For example, all bedding sets are a category and all washcloths are a category. Then take into consideration just how much of each category you have, so you can allocate an appropriate amount of space for them. Make the items you access most frequently the most easily accessible.

3. Fold and Contain

For items such as sheet sets, I like to fold everything and put the matching set items in one of the set's pillowcases, folding the excess of the pillow case over to create a little package of bedding. For both sheet sets and towels, place them on a shelf with the fold facing out for a clean edge. For anything that can topple easily, like extra pillowcases or face cloths and hand towels, consider placing them in an opaque basket to reduce visual clutter.

4. Label

Labels are a great way to encourage and inspire all members of your household to put things back where they belong - thereby, keeping your newly NEATed space in order.

When we think of linens, restful and relaxing thoughts come to mind. Opening your linen closet should feel just as relaxing. By putting these tips in place, you’ll experience the calm that comes from getting NEAT.

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