The Corners of Our Homes Vol. 11 - Fatima Islam of Casestudy Studio

The Corners of Our Homes Vol. 11 - Fatima Islam of Casestudy Studio

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We are very excited to be showcasing the corners of Fatima's inspired space.  The Flax team was lucky enough to hold a pop up shopping event here before the 2019 festive season, and we were so taken with it that we knew we had to feature it here.  

Designed to be an extension of MENU’s headquarters in Copenhagen, Menu Space Vancouver is an immersive showroom apartment designed and curated by Casestudy Studio. Our aesthetics, choice of materials and design philosophy are largely about creating spaces that are timeless and relevant. The atmosphere at Menu Space Vancouver is museal, yet relaxed and unpretentious; it is a house that is both inspiring and relevant and, ultimately, it is defined by the people who use it.

menu space

A striking artwork by Rubeena Ratcliffe hangs above the Align Daybed. Pictured: Align Daybed by Anita Johansen for MENU, art by Rubeena Ratcliffe.

Muted colors and natural textures were used to create a relaxed and welcoming living area. Pictured: Kvadrat curtains, Tearoom Sofa by Nick Ross for MENU, Marble Plinths by Norm Architects for MENU, Gravel Rug by Nina Bruun for MENU.

MENU’s iconic Stick Shelving hosts a collection of minimalist accessories. Pictured: Peek Lamp by Jonas Wagell for MENU, Cyclades Vases by Nick Ross for MENU, Artwork by Jonas Wagell for Paper Collective, JWDA Table Lamp by Jonas Wagell for MENU, Ceramic Diffuser by Vitruvi, Cereal City Guides from SORT Days.

Daily rituals made luxurious by organic skincare by Bowen Island based Sangre de Fruta. Pictured: Sangre De Fruta Botanical Body Products, Pepe Marble Mirror by Studio Pepe for MENU, Ceramics by Janaki Larsen, Marble Plinths by Norm Architects for MENU

Quality over quantity: the bedroom is outfitted with 100% French stonewashed linen bedding from Vancouver based Flax Home. Pictured: Flax Set in Cloud, The Quilt in Pebble, TR Table Lamp by Tim Rundle for MENU, Marble Plinths by Norm Architects for MENU

Would you like the corners of your home to be featured in our Journal?  Please reach out, we'd love to hear from you.


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