The Corners of Our Homes Vol. 10 - Nathaly Nairn

The Corners of Our Homes Vol. 10 - Nathaly Nairn

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Nathaly Nairn is the co-founder of Windfall Cider, an urban cidery she started in Vancouver with her husband Jeff. She is also the epitome of #LadyBusiness and we are constantly in awe of her passion and drive as an entrepreneur. The warmth of her beautiful home is a direct reflection of Nathaly - we hope you enjoy taking a peek into her favourite corners. 


The built in credenza shown above is the quickest way for me to feel like my living room is organized - if it's clear and clean, I am doing OK. The slate reflection on the mirror gives a the room a smooth and soft texture that is lovely as the sunshine pours in.

Flax Linen Home

The clean lines as we head up these stairs are a great contrast to the array of family photographs and original illustration hanging on the wall. Must admit that I love wiping the tiny hand prints of our daughter off of it each week.

Corners of Nathaly's Home

This painting was commissioned by Jeff after finding the painter's work hanging in a hotel lobby in Winnipeg, The prairie skies spoke to him and it's a key focus piece in our living room. You can lose yourself for hours in that painted sky. 

I found this vintage Singer sewing machine at an estate sale in Napa Valley back when I lived in the area. It was in rough shape and painted over a tedious robin blue colour and rusted legs. Something about it said that there was another layer to this piece, so I brought her home for $20, and spent an entire weekend restoring her to something close to its original shine. Above her sit our wedding vows, a daily reminder of the commitment we made to each other. 

We are avid readers in our household, and I love just standing in front of our collection.  It’s a great reminder of where we have been, and where we are going. We now share it with a 9 year old who is sure to add another layer to the collection. 

Flax Linen Bedding

Hands down best spot upstairs. My inspiration when decorating this room was modern farmhouse, that and my Flax Sleep bedding have brought my vision together.

This is an original Lucha Libre poster taken from a stadium after one particularly fun night out in Mexico City…you are not supposed to take them, but I was faster than the guard. 

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