The Corners of Our Homes Vol. 13 - Jess Napier

The Corners of Our Homes Vol. 13 - Jess Napier

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Jess Napier knows what's good - plain and simple. Whether it's a book recommendation, suggestion on where to eat or which pillow is right for you, she's that pal who we turn to for the next great thing. Brought together by our love for fantastic restaurants and bubbly, Jess' is the familiar name you often see in the byline of our Sleep Science and other informative Journal posts. Read on for a cozy peek at her newly occupied Toronto home. 

"As a freelancer working from home with clients in Toronto and Vancouver, it’s hard not to be always working throughout the day and into the evening. With that in mind, I usually try to wake up nice and early (with varying degrees of success) and carve out some time for myself in the morning in this little corner of the living room before I start my day. I drink my coffee and read a few pages of a novel …. or sometimes just stare at my plants. 

The abstract print is a recent purchase from Czech artist Jan Skácelik. I’d love to tell you I bought it on vacation in Europe but, let’s be honest, Instagram made me do it.

I hand-carried this House of Hackney pillow home on the plane from London. I’m obsessed with all of their incredible patterned wallpapers and fabrics and couldn’t resist this quirky striped animal print with critters engaged in various forms of debauchery. If you look closely, you’ll see a sloth with a hookah pipe!

Like everyone and their sister, I have been buying A LOT of house plans as of late. I wouldn’t say any of them are THRIVING at the moment, but I haven’t killed any yet.

5 p.m. is a funny time of day for me; I’m usually still working, finishing a cold cup of coffee while simultaneously considering my first Happy Hour drink. This palm leaf china mug was part of a set I received as a wedding gift – also from House of Hackney, like I said, I have a thing. The beer, from my local neighbourhood brewery Burdock, is equal parts aesthetically pleasing and delicious; sessionable saison with a perfect blush pink label, what’s not to love! And yes, this is a bougie Diptqyue candle that I have burned sparingly for the last two years; Feu de Bois is the most divine smoky scent – it’s like you’re at a very expensive campfire.

I have been in search of the perfect gold Art-Deco- gold bar cart for about as long as I’ve been able to drink legally; sadly, I’ve never found one I could commit to. My current ‘bar cart’ is a cheap and cheerful IKEA shelf but let’s focus on the booze shall we – we go through a lot of Aperol and bourbon in this house. The gorgeous laurel leaf crown hanging on the wall is from The Cross in Vancouver; my husband claims he “doesn’t get it” but I’m obsessed with it. 

Listen, everyone knows the importance of a good night’s sleep (and if you don’t, allow me to explain), but I’ve only come to really appreciate the importance of high-quality bedding in the last couple of years. My mother has always been obsessed with bed linens (some people pick up souvenir shot glasses on vacation, she shops for sheets), so my bedding collection has evolved into a somewhat strange mix-and-match of her hand-me-downs and cheap sets I bought at Home Sense out of necessity in university. That being said, I’m now firmly in camp linen after getting my hands on some gorgeous Flax Sleep sheets last year. Linen feels so soft and breathable compared to other fabrics and good bedding just makes me excited to tuck myself in with a good book."

Photos by Jess Napier


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  • After being outed for my obsessive love of linens and all things bedding I am very excited to acquire a set (or two!) of Flax Sleep sheets to add to my collection! Our house is a rambling country pile built in 1862 and it loves nothing more than being full of family and friends. Sadly my guest rooms have been vacant during this time of isolation – but once lockdown is lifted the doors will be open, the beds made up and the house will be buzzing. Linen sheets for summer sleeping with breezes through open windows. Can’t wait!

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