The Corners of Our Homes Vol. 7 - Amanda Blakley

The Corners of Our Homes Vol. 7 - Amanda Blakley

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Amanda Blakley has a collection of passport stamps that would spark envy in even the most discerning globe trotter.  She is the travel editor for This is Crumb and writes about her adventures for The Globe & Mail, Here Magazine and one of our personal favourites The Kiwi Collection.  For someone who spends a lot of time away from home, we were very curious to get a look at the sanctuary she has created to return to.  We have to say, her home is so stunning we aren't sure how she ever leaves.

This Tristan Zimmerman lucite swan was one of my very first pieces of art. I bought it in an auction and it has been with us through four moves - it has always sat above our fireplace watching over us. I like to think she has brought us good luck.

This little nook is one of my favourite places to curl up with a book - or watch the boys play make believe in our living room. I had this chair in our nursery when Archer, my second, was born. It’s logged a lot of rocking hours!


This gallery wall is always evolving. We recently swapped out the middle Ed Ruscha print for a hilarious photograph by fellow Torontonian, Duro the Third, of a hot pink dog. Our boys love it, they also love hearing the stories behind their portraits.


I love the archways featured throughout our apartment. This building is a relic, one of the last few historical buildings in the city with large residences in the sky. It feels more New York or Parisian, but offers amazing views of Toronto. These pink nubs are a piece by Erin Vincent from Alison Milne Gallery.


My little office nook is usually where I settle myself in the morning after dropping my littles at school. I love all the natural light that pours in.


Travel is such a big part of my life - my hobby and my career. This piece is by a Toronto artist, Christine Flynn, of Iceland. My husband and I bought it for our recent wedding anniversary.

Thanks to my beautiful Flax Sleep bedding, our bedroom has become my sanctuary!

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