The Effect of Air on Sleep

The Effect of Air on Sleep

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When it comes to outfitting your bed with sleep-inducing bedding, we've got you covered with natural fiber, temperature-regulating linen. But what else can help or hinder sleep? We asked our friends at ecologicca to tell us about air quality and its impact on sleep.


Sleep. It is so important for our bodies and brains to function properly and a lack of it is linked to so many diseases, so why is it so hard to get a good night’s rest? We take melatonin, get blackout curtains, buy the perfect mattress, and (try to) minimize screen time before bed, but even in “optimal” environments, we don’t sleep well, or at least not as well as we should, and could.

Of course there are a lot of outside factors that can affect how often you wake up or how you sleep. We see you, parents of newborns. Or maybe you just got a puppy who needs training, or a partner who snores. But have you ever considered that your indoor air quality might be a culprit to how often you wake up, how deeply you sleep, and how refreshed you feel the next day?


What is in our air?


We take about 6,700 breaths while we sleep over an 8-hour span. Yet, we rarely think about what we’re actually breathing in. Air quality is usually seen as something to react to when things go wrong in the world (wildfires, COVID etc.), but what if we became proactive when it comes to our air?

Most consumers don’t realize that indoor air can be 2-5x more polluted than outdoor air and a staggering 91% of the world’s population live in places where air quality levels exceed WHO limits. This causes inflammation in every body system and leads to difficulty breathing while asleep, an increased risk of developing sleep apnea and allergies, mental health conditions, including an increased risk of suicide, and has even been linked to obesity

What can you do about it?


Something simple that can positively affect sleep is fresh air. It helps to bring more oxygen to your blood, leading to deeper and better quality sleep, while removing airborne toxins reduces irritants that cause your body to be unsettled. 

But if fresh air is the answer, what do we do in a metropolitan city or during poor outdoor air quality issues like wildfire smoke where opening a window won’t help and could actually make things worse? Well, that’s the problem ecologicca is here to fix. 

Did you know there is actually a chemical equation for “fresh” air and that a particle called a hydroxyl is the key ingredient? ecologicca’s sustainable technology creates this little particle, taking the formula straight from Mother Nature’s playbook. Hydroxyls are known as nature’s detergent and are responsible for that crisp, clean air that you breathe when you are in the mountains - the kind of breath that makes your stress melt away.


 Woman sleeping in linen bedding


But this stress-relieving air isn’t just a feeling, it's a scientifically proven technology that has been trusted by NASA. We deliver these benefits straight to your bedroom so you can breathe better and experience deeper, more restful sleep - up to 25 minutes of deeper sleep each night in fact. Research has proven that fresh air impacts our “fight or flight” responses, lowering our cortisol, and reducing stress levels. Less stress means better sleep so you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed and with energy to tackle your day.

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