Tips for Staying Cool While You Sleep This Summer

Tips for Staying Cool While You Sleep This Summer

Posted by Anna Heyd on

I am a hot sleeper. I always have been. I used to have to beg my mother to let me keep the window open at night as snow flakes were swirling above my head. If she had of known about linen bedding then, perhaps we would have been spared that particular argument.

Linen bedding has made a huge improvement in my overall level of sleep comfort, but I thought it was the right time of year to share with everyone a few other tips I have used along the way to keep me comfortable during hot summer nights.

1.  Keep your feet cool. Just keeping them peeking out from under the covers isn’t good enough for me when it’s really hot. I keep a bottle of lavender water from The Soap Dispensary at my bedside table and mist my feet with this relaxing scent to cool my feet down just before I turn out the lights.


2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. I recently attended an amazing workshop and then a private consultation at Harlow Atelier lead by Ayurvedic practitioner Raven Olay. We talked a lot about how to combat my inner heat and taking hydration further than 8+ glasses of water was the first step. I now incorporate aloe juice or coconut water into more than half of my daily water intake. The bonus, not only does it cool me down, my skin is looking better too!


3. Switch out your pillow. Look for pillows that have temperature regulating properties and are made from fabric that feels cool to the touch. I've been loving this one by Tempur-pedic. And to further enhance the cooling effects, try temperature regulating linen pillowcases.

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