What Moms Really Want (for Mother’s Day, and in general)

What Moms Really Want (for Mother’s Day, and in general)

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Mother’s Day—a time to celebrate special connections, a time that can bring about a range of emotions for everyone, for a vast number of reasons, and all completely valid to each person’s unique story. The title of mother is one that is so powerful, yet the role of a mother takes many different shapes, forms, experiences and shows up in our lives in many different ways.



As someone who likely falls in the new-ish mom category, I feel like I have heard from many in my parenting circles who share the real deal of what they need as they navigate their journey and this moment of time in life.


Here’s what they had to say when we asked them what they really want for this Mother’s Day:


The First-Time Mom


"I probably have a wholly unrealistic, non-exhaustive list… I would just enjoy no food or snot on my clothes at this point. That would be nice." - Ishra Gill, Marketing Director, Wilet


The Dog Mom


"The whole bed to myself. How does a little dog take up so much space?" - Newsha Towfigh, Owner, Do It Simpli


The Mom Figure


"In my work as a full-spectrum doula, I’ve supported over a thousand new parents and am a regular caregiver to four toddlers in my chosen family structure. My wish for all the mom-supports out therewhether they be pals, aunties, doulas or other care workersis to be celebrated today for the deep love they shower our kids with." - Emma Devin, Chief of Care, Brood


The Toddler Mom


"I would love that part of my brain back that is now occupied by names of construction vehicles, lyrics to Blippi songs (IYKYK), and the names of the Paw Patrol dogs. Please and thank you." - Vivian McCormick, Co-Founder, Wilet


The Mom With Grown Up Children


"What I really want for Mother’s Day is exactly what I already have! Having grown kids that are still close by and like to hang out with me is about as good as it gets! I’ll take it. I’ll be working this Mother’s Day serving pancakes for moms and families at Flouristbeing surrounded by families eating great food together sounds like the perfect day." - Shira McDermott, Co-Founder, Flourist


The Intended Mom


"Inclusion. For someone trying or struggling to conceive, just acknowledging our journey with love and compassion can be a real gift." - Piper Courtenay, Social + Community Coordinator, Wilet


The Business Owner Mom


"A working mom might work with a team 9-5, but her boss? Baby CEO. Working moms don’t need quiet coffee breaks, they want some time to pump to keep up their supply. They silently pray that the baby will stay napping so they can get through their next Zoom meeting and while the baby CEO has unrealistic expectations of “working hours" (spoiler alert: it’s 24/7) all they hope for is for the baby to sleep through the night." - Crystal Kwon, Principal, front + centre communications


To all of those who are mothering and navigating mother relationships with others or oneself, we commend you and celebrate your strength. Happy Mother’s Day.



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